“Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.” 

~ Benjamin Franklin

Finances and Figures LLC was founded in 2020 as a business based on decades of experience, and with a sole vision to enlighten people about credit repair and how to transform their financial system through our services. At Finances and Figures LLC we understand and are fully committed to solving real-time financial challenges experienced by people worldwide by the provision of high quality, individualized modern and innovative services with professionalism, dignity, and respect.

It matters to us when you’re spending hard-earned money on a system that should provide results and yield, just the way you need it to, and last for years. Our quality assurance department integrates the client’s feedback to guard client safety as well as to ensure that you get what you pay for. Using our expertise in close cooperation with finance professionals, we help people beyond our limits, improving how they can start, rebuild, and manage your credit.

Finances and Figures - Credit Consultants Association Member

Our Approach

Finances and Figures LLC was founded with a vision to elevate and guide individuals and small businesses in enhancing their productivity by utilizing our platform and services. We provide a platform for business owners to learn new credit strategies and asset management through our exclusive international experts who work closely with them to analyze their needs and provide solutions to solve challenges. Gaining financial knowledge would rapidly increase and open new doors of employment, lower your business loans, and much more resulting in a better standard of living.

Our 3-step disputing process has been developed for crafting a better future and healthier financial portfolio for our clients. The most important aspect of credit restoration is understanding your credit thoroughly. This is the key to understanding exactly what’s on your report and how to negotiate the removal creating better and sustainable solutions chalking out a way that leads to fulfilling your dreams.

Our ultimate goal is to get you back on the journey of endless possibilities. All our professionals are certified after passing through rigorous tests ensuring authenticity. Our mission is not only to bring out the best but to restructure your business, personal credit, and maintain it alongside so that our clients can have a prosperous life ahead. It’s often the small changes that make the biggest difference.

Look no further than Finances and Figures LLC for the best and authentic advisory services leading you to financial independence. Contact us today for more information. For us here, 100% client satisfaction is a way of life because WE WANT YOU TO GET A YES!

“Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant.”

~ P.T. Barnum

We Value P.E.O.P.L.E


Finances and Figures LLC is committed to helping people in fulfilling their dreams of a safe and prosperous financial life. We want to be a force for positive change by making a significant and lasting impact— today and for the generations to come.


Strive for excellence in every aspect by delivering quality service, unparalleled value, and constantly exceeding the bar on our performance. Our value reflects on our unyielding passion to achieve our goals by trying new ways and becoming a model example. Approach every challenge with a determination to succeed efficiently and effectively.


Value optimism, creativity, and perseverance by proving the power of being optimistic. We run our business by thinking bigger and differently. Optimism is what allows us to persist, to be resilient, and to inspire those around us. This feeling and understating are what we hope to promote looking to the future with enthusiasm.


Nothing is possible without cooperation and collaboration. Our core value is to partner up with professionals to come up with services that would benefit every single person worldwide. Partnering up to provide opportunities for clients and experts to come together and achieve success.


To lead by example and inspire others through our actions for the moral development of our community. We pride in our leadership in demonstrating moral courage, ethical strength, and treating the entire world as ONE with compassion, respect, and empathy.


To empower businesses and individuals to seek collective transformation. We strive to equip people aiding them in succeeding and achieve their goals worldwide. Our mission is building the capacity and providing infrastructure to mentally engage and invest those in need in achieving success and prosperity.