We are here to help you on the journey of endless possibilities our trained consultants are able to evaluate creditworthiness, analyze risky behavior, and identify trends. Once we have a solid plan of action we will work towards your goals putting our clients 1st.

Frequently asked questions: No question is a dumb question!

What is Credit?

Credit is a way for the customer to obtain goods or services before payment, based on the trustworthiness that payments will be made in the future.

What is a good credit score?

Most lenders like to see credit scores around 740-799 but you can still qualify for anything with a 670-739 credit score you may have a higher interest rate but you can qualify for a loan.

Why is my credit score important?

I’m happy you asked, credit is used to gage your creditworthiness when lenders are looking to loan you money, weather that’s to get a house, buy your dream car, or even apply for a loan. Did you know that the lower the score the higher the interest rates?

Can I just pay cash for what I want?

The answer to the question is YES; you absolutely have the options to purchase anything you want with cash, however, making big purchases with cash will not help your credit score or report. Realistically how many working-class citizens can afford to pay $300k house or pay for a 50k car without financing.

What are lenders looking for when applying for a loan?

No matter what you are in the market shopping for lenders like to see that you are responsible, Lenders pull your credit report to see how responsible you are with your finances. A few things lenders take in to consideration is your Credit Aged History, Debt to Income ratios, late payments, so it is important to know these small details before applying for loans or financing.

Is there a difference between my Credit Report and Score?

A credit report is the information reported by creditors to a consumer credit reporting agency. A credit score primarily based on a credit report, information typically sourced from credit bureaus. 

What are Revolving accounts?

A revolving credit account sets a credit limit—a maximum amount you can spend on that account.

What are trade lines?

Trade lines describes the consumer’s account status and activity it’s an entry by a credit grantor to a consumer’s credit history maintained by a credit reporting agency

What are negative items?

The most frowned upon action in the industry… this has a very negative impact on your credit and lenders dread to see any late payment on your account.

Can I remove negative remarks off my credit report?

Negative remarks have a significant impact on your credit report and lenders dread to see any late payment on your account, to answer your question Yes. You can have derogatory remarks removed using the dispute methods. 

What can I do to boost my score?

That a great question and while there are plenty of options to restore, your credit we like to create a plan tailored made for our client’s. We want to see you on the right path headed to the 800 club check out our monthly monitoring plans for more details.

Will have to pay upfront for credit monitoring?

The only payment required upfront is the credit analysis fee of $25.00.